Aldon Management


Bethesda Property Disposition, Bethesda, Maryland

Served as landlord real estate advisors for over a decade.  Aldon owns and manages a large portfolio of properties located primarily in downtown Bethesda.  Responsibilities have included acquisition due diligence, market analysis, multifamily redevelopment disposition strategies, developer negotiations, deal structuring, financial analyses / development feasibility, etc.  Primary challenges included gaining consensus between multiple family member owners (i.e. timing and amount of payments) and complex negotiations, including helping resolve ongoing development agreement issues. 

Bolan Smart managed competitive negotiations resulting in a ground lease agreement to replace an aged office building and parking structure with a 475-unit high-rise apartment building and ground floor retail.  At a later date, the terms of the original deal structure were modified to reflect changed market conditions, ultimately leading to a fee simple sale of the property.