Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC)


Various Economic Consulting Services

Conducted a market feasibility study along Brookville Road proximate to a proposed Purple Line Lyttonsville Station as an integral part of the Greater Lyttonsville Sector Plan process. This included assessing market conditions as the basis for generating redevelopment scenarios for areas most likely to experience change from a planned light rail station and other implications.

The study addressed land uses such as preservation of industrial land, opportunities for retail, impacts on market affordable residential rental rates, continued institutional uses, infill development opportunities and zoning parameters. Tasks undertaken comprised an assessment of the existing mixed-use land components, inventory of competitive supply (retail, industrial and residential), identifying possible opportunities for land assemblages, stakeholder outreach (including businesses, property owners, local brokers and developers), participating in community meetings, research / case studies on comparable industrial districts, evaluation of zoning districts (zoning changes were recommended as part of plan implementation) and creating possible redevelopment scenarios. This analysis provided market-based support for the County’s Greater Lyttonsville Sector Plan.

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Bolan Smart has been providing M-NCPPC (Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties) with real estate advisory services since 2005. In addition to the three featured M-NCPPC projects, Bolan Smart’s work includes:

  • Ten Mile Creek (Clarksburg) Plan Amendment – Retail Issues and Analysis. Assisted M-NCPPC in considering retail related aspects of the limited Amendment to the 1994 Clarksburg Master Plan and Hyattstown Special Study Area for the Ten Mile Creek Watershed. The primary issues revolved around the possible market implications concerning contrasting two proposed outlet malls and the prospects for local retail development in Clarksburg. The study addressed retail demand, supply implications on existing retail, the master plan vision for Clarksburg, the impact of new zoning, etc. As a result of the analysis, the data supported County staff’s recommendation of approval for the Ten Mile Creek / Cabin Branch Plan Amendment from the Montgomery County Planning Board. Simon’s Clarksburg Premium Outlet is now open with over 100 designer and name-brand outlets. Bolan Smart’s deliverable can be found on pages 76-85 in the attached area plan here. 
  • Adaptive Reuse: Executive Boulevard and Rock Spring Office Markets. Analyzed factors pertaining to possible adaptive reuse of office properties at Executive Boulevard and Rock Spring in North Bethesda. This analysis evaluated options available to a property owner, such as retaining and converting an existing building (i.e. office-to-residential conversion), demolishing a structure and redevelopment for alternative use, or redefining planned but unbuilt office spaces for other use.  Click here to link to the study. 
  • School Parks Fund Implementation. Provided guidance and methodologies for determining proportional contributions towards a school or park site by owners of private property that might be replicable in designated Montgomery County plan areas.
  • Shady Grove Sector Plan Zoning Analysis. Evaluated the economic rationale for allowing additional densities to facilitate implementation of the Shady Grove Sector Plan. This encompassed verifying ownership information, zoning information, determining preliminary property values, business motivations as “going concerns’, leasehold buyout implications, evaluating parcel consolidation issues and possible threshold redevelopment levels for 17+ parcels. The results pointed towards revisiting assumed street alignments, assumptions about parcel consolidations, and economic merit of the proposed zoning overlay.
  • Market Analysis for the Central U.S. Route 1 Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment. Conducted a market analysis as part of a planning team for the Central US 1 Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment. This market analysis provided information on existing conditions related to area demographics, housing stock, employment and commercial uses (mix, densities and location) and analyzed the potential for new development opportunities. Economic development strategies were analyzed to facilitate plan implementation. Bolan Smart’s work was incorporated into the document: Click Here to view document. 
  • Mount Rainier Mixed-Use Town Center Development Plan. Provided detailed property specific development recommendations and implementation actions as part of a planning team. Analyzed and detailed all Federal, state, county local applicable development incentives ranging from tax abatements, to small businesses, historic preservation and energy and sustainable incentives, etc. to facilitate master planning implementation efforts. For more information:

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  • Capitol Heights Vision Pan. Participated in an extensive reconnaissance process with the Capitol Heights Vision Plan project team. Responsibilities included conducting a market analysis and participating in a public/stakeholder charrette process. Based on historical data and consideration of highest and best use potentials spanning various timelines, the study team needed to factor for the market-based expectations of the already existing community plans, including the adjoining Addison Road Town Center, and the Prince George’s County’s designation of Capital Heights as a Community Center within the context of the greater Central Avenue planning context. These mandates, coupled with the strong sponsorship and overall magnitude of the adjoining Capital Gateway project in Washington, DC functioned as moderating influences on what was interpreted as feasible to propose for Capital Heights. Bolan Smart’s work was incorporated into documents found at: here