Barracks Row MainStreet Property Reinvestment Analysis


507 8th Street SE (Barracks Row MainStreet) Redevelopment, District of Columbia

Conducted a market analysis and prepared illustrative comparative redevelopment cash flows for the owners of a mid-block property on one of the District of Columbia’s historic retail corridors. This included collaboration with the owner’s architects, Quinn Evans Architects, in the depiction of possible building expansion scenarios and order of magnitude redevelopment costs for each option.

At the time, the property was leased as a practice venue for the Shakespeare Theatre Company. While the building was structurally sound, it required a substantial new investment in building updates, mechanical systems and interior finishes. Going forward, the owner wanted to explore potential for increased income, weighing possible economic returns and risks under different investment scenarios. The analysis evaluated six different potential mixed-use scenarios including combinations of office, retail and residential space. As of 2018, the project entered pre-construction phase for a new 4-story residential condominium development.