Howard County, Maryland and Columbia Association


Oakland Mills Village Center Area Redevelopment Feasibility Study, Columbia Maryland

Evaluated redevelopment opportunities for the 50+ year old Oakland Mills Village Center (OMVC) area in Columbia, Maryland.  The purpose of this feasibility study was to test the economic likelihood of the private sector investing in new development projects for different types of land uses including retail, office, sports, and residential. 

The feasibility study focused on the Oakland Mills Village Center, comprising an approximate 39-acre grocery anchored mixed-use core with redevelopment prospects for the surrounding 198-acre community.  Oakland Mills was the second of nine village centers developed in the “New Town” of Columbia beginning in 1967.  Bolan Smart led a consultant team including a land planner as part of a community planning effort.  Conducted extensive stakeholder outreach:

  • Interviews with:
    • tenants
    • property owners
    • property managers
    • village management
    • public officials
    • other village center owners in Columbia
    • local area developers
    • and others in pursuit of actual redevelopment opportunities
  • multiple meetings and presentations to the community

The study documents quantitative and qualitative information, including: a detailed investigation of existing conditions; market demand for and supply of various land uses; property profile sheets, and tested possible development options.  The results created the foundation for advancing coordinated and collaborative property owner opportunities.  The technical conclusions of this study informed the County and Columbia Association on what uses could revitalize the OMVC area that are summarized in the scorecard below.