Arlington Public Schools (APS)


New School Construction Site Opportunities and Implementation Strategies

Conducted a comprehensive real estate survey as subcontractors to the commercial brokerage firm of Meany & Oliver of non-APS owned sites that could provide APS with opportunities to either construct new schools or provide expansion space within which APS could operate its programs. 

Based on the criteria developed for a new elementary school, a database totaling 864 sites were evaluated based on its location and current use.  Vacant land and sites which were underutilized were targeted as possible new school sites.  An inventory of 41 sites which offered the best opportunities for the construction of new schools in Arlington County was created.  These sites were categorized based on the time period within which it was expected that a school could be built.  Each site was then evaluated based on its size, accessibility, relative acquisition cost, relative construction cost and complexity to acquire or develop.  Bolan Smart also provided development feasibility cost thresholds base on type of construction and example case study projects (including Virginia Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act completed projects).